From Ad Hoc to Optimized

People are fed up with technology that makes work harder than it has to be. In fact, Adobe’s 2021 State of Work survey suggests that aggravating and inefficient workplace tech is a major factor in the “Great Resignation.”

Pre-COVID-19, almost one-quarter of workers said they had already quit a job because workplace tech made their jobs harder. That number has since jumped to nearly one-third.

Although remote and hybrid workers use a variety of digital office tools, such as chat, videoconferencing, file-sharing services, and email, these tools are not enough to support high-level, strategic work.

No matter where you’re starting from, Adobe Workfront can help your teams work more effectively together, stay aligned with company goals, and exceed expectations consistently.

Download this whitepaper now to learn where you fall on the work management maturity spectrum – and how Adobe Workfront can help you level up.

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