From ARIES to MARS: Reengineering Transaction Management for Next-Generation, Solid-State Drives

Provided by: University of Calgary
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
Systems that provide powerful transaction mechanisms often rely on Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) implementations that were designed with slow, disk-based systems in mind. The emerging class of fast, byte-addressable Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technologies (e.g., phase change memories, spin-torque MRAMs, and memristor) however, presents performance characteristics very different from both disks and flash-based SSDs. This paper addresses the problem of designing a WAL scheme optimized for these fast NVM-based storage systems. The authors examine the features that a system like ARIES, a WAL algorithm popular for databases, must provide and separate them from the implementation decisions ARIES makes to optimize for disk-based systems.

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