From Reactive to Proactive: Advanced Threats Require Advanced Intelligence Techniques

Organizations face enormous challenges when dealing with cyberattacks. Security strategies must account for as many risks as possible, while an attacker simply has to find one flaw.

Some attacks are designed to bring a site or operation down, but others are aimed at stealth and exfiltration of data. Malicious actors are often able to access data over an extended period of time, often without the victim organization discovering the breach for months, or even years.

Attackers are generally sophisticated organizations, ranging from organized criminal groups to activists to corporations conducting industrial espionage to national governments.

In this analysis, we explore different forms of attack and look at several high-profile breaches, with the goal of extracting insight and finding ways to mount an effective defense. We also discuss IBM security tools such as i2 EIA, QRadar, and X-Force and determine where they fit in an organization’s overall security strategy.

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