From start to finish: How to deploy a MariaDB database server; create a database


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  • Published March 14, 2021
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At some point in your Linux admin career, you will need to deploy a database server. This server might help power a content management system or a human resources platform. No matter what it’s used for, it’s important you know how to be prepared and know how to get the database server up and running.

For many Linux admins, MySQL has been the database of choice for years. But after MySQL was purchased, a fork came into being, MariaDB, that many believe is superior to MySQL.

One of the main reasons is that MariaDB development is much more active than is MySQL. Because of this, MariaDB brings to life more modern features, more storage engines, and better performance.

In many ways, using MariaDB and MySQL are very similar. In fact, if you’ve used MySQL, you’ll feel right at home with MariaDB.

This article from TechRepublic Premium will walk users through the process of installing MariaDB, creating a database, creating a database user, adding data to your new database, and enabling it for remote connections, and much more.

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