From Static Dashboards to Smart Analytics: Automating Decisions and Recommendations

Most dashboards don’t deliver on their promise to boost productivity, transform processes, and align the business. That’s because traditional dashboards aren’t action-oriented and lack stickiness. It’s time to replace dashboards with smart analytic applications that are role-based, action-oriented, and embedded in the business processes and applications that business users work with every day to make decisions and take action.

A smart analytic application uses machine learning and rules to generate alerts and recommendations that assist or automate core business processes and workflows. This frees workers to focus on value-added activities, increasing their productivity and satisfaction. Smart analytic applications also mine aggregated data to create benchmarks that help users understand how their performance compares to peers, further turbocharging productivity and application stickiness.

Smart analytic applications are the future of business intelligence. Rather than offer business users tools, organizations in the future will automate processes and, for all other tasks, provide users with customized, smart applications that combine analytics and transactions in highly efficient and productive workflows.

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