G Suite: Tips and tricks for business professionals (free PDF)

Google’s G Suite provides a wide array of business productivity tools, from Gmail to Sheets to Docs, Sites, and Hangouts Meet. This ebook rounds up a selection of practical tips and time-savers to help you manage your work and collaborate more effectively.

From the ebook:

Last fall, Google updated its G Suite apps. Natural language processing in Google Cloud Search makes it simpler to find data across Mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Groups, and Sites (for G Suite Business and Enterprise accounts). Support for iFrames in the new Google Sites lets users embed more content from the web. Management of files on iOS improved, as the Google Drive app now works with Apple’s Files app on iOS 11.

And Google Slides added connections to Google Keep, third-party apps, and between slides in different presentations. Here’s how these new Google Slides connections work—along with some additional insight provided by Zeina Oweis, product manager, G Suite.

Linked slides
The linked slide feature lets you keep Google Slides content current across many presentations. Copy a slide from one presentation, then paste it into another. When you do, a prompt displays with the option to create a linked slide, which is a slide you can update whenever the original slide changes.

“Linked slides can be used for any content that will need to be updated as time progresses—like text and numbers—as well as things like formatting updates, including changing brand colors or font,” Oweis said in an email. “If one team is using linked slides to maintain a more complex project, like outlining pricing or company roadmaps, it allows another group to feel confident that they have the most up-to-date information to pull from.”

When I tried to create my first linked slide, I struggled, until I viewed the Google animation that showed the cut-and-paste process. I worried that linked slides were a bit of a “hidden” feature. “The current feature is contextual,” Oweis said. “Users only need it when they’re copying the slide from one presentation to another, so that’s where we offer the user the option to link the slides.”

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