Gartner 2012: IT Operations Wake Up Call

Provided by: Computer Associates
Topic: Social Enterprise
Format: PDF
The "consumerisation of IT" unveils a new wave of technology adoption - signifying a blurring between the lines of business and personal domains. Convergent communications and information technologies have presented unprecedented opportunities to create new innovation around customers.

New trends have seen it become increasingly commonplace for enterprises to see their IT strategies shaped less by internal mandates and more by the rapid influx of consumer technologies and services, including mobile applications, smartphones, tablets, public cloud services and the social networking capabilities demanded by both employees and customers.

Budgets are still tight, even after second or third round of infrastructure cost cutting initiatives. At the same time, pressure still remains to further reduce these costs and at the same time innovate for the future.

This research paper from Gartner and CA Technologies provides useful insights into the implications of "consumer driven IT". Learn how rationalising and optimising current IT infrastructure and application performance can help organisations to effectively capitalise on new technologies and raise the level of IT management to focus on new business services.

See what your organisation can do to prepare for the new hyperconverged world of BYOD, Unified Communications, Cloud, Digital and Social and Media. And, how you can be ready to upkeep service quality to help deliver a better customer experience across multiple devices and services to help protect your reputation and safeguard and grow your revenues.

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