Get More Done in IT: Top Findings from the 2015 IT Operations Survey

In early 2015, Kaseya surveyed approximately 500 mid-sized companies globally to find out how IT groups at these companies are faring as IT management demands grow in number and complexity every day – and to learn from the most mature and successful ones.

Why are some IT departments recognized as strategic partners by executives, while others are still perceived as a utility required to keep the business running?

More importantly, what does it take to make sure your IT department is one of the successful ones?

Kaseya focused only on mid-sized companies (which we define as organizations with between 100-3,000 employees) since these IT groups face resource and planning challenges that are much different than IT groups at Global 2000 enterprises.

This eBook gives an overview of the survey results, highlighting the top 8 differences between mature, successful IT groups and their counterparts, as well as the top 5 strategies for IT to drive business results and end-user satisfaction.

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