Get Started with Application Security in 3 Easy Steps

Ensuring your applications are secure doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. With the right program and tools, you can improve your organization’s security without getting in the way of developer productivity.

Companies rely more than ever on mobile and web applications to communicate with customers and partners. And as development teams struggle to keep up with the growing demand for rapid delivery of new business applications, security is often neglected.

As recent cyberattacks have shown, applications are under attack more than ever and in at least half of these attacks sensitive data has been compromised. With the alarmingly high number of vulnerabilities found in web and mobile applications, it is imperative that organizations are prepared to defend themselves.

A flexible, comprehensive application security program which includes SAST and DAST and fits into your business and
development process is key to your Defensein-Depth strategy and improving your organizational security posture.

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