Getting closer to the customer: A challenge for the C-suite

Getting closer to the customer is an Economist Intelligence Unit report which examines how the dialogue between customers and companies has changed with the advent of new communication channels such as social media and mobile. No longer can a marketing team or corporate communications group be the social voice; rather, communications must take the form of a dialogue with customers that comes from the top. So how does an organization integrate the new status quo into the way they do business?

Read this report, Getting closer to the customer: A challenge for the C-suite, for a better understanding of what your customers expect in their interactions with your company and how you can use that to your advantage.

  • Learn why the new communication reality has left companies confused and in a state of flux
  • Discover why putting too much emphasis on social media can hinder a holistic response
  • Understand why a single individual responsible for communication channels reduces internal confusion and leads to a more coherent approach
Don't miss the Economist Intelligence Unit report Getting closer to the customer: A challenge for the C-suite. Also get access to an infographic which presents a high level view of the findings. There is a new dialogue for business. Learn what it is and how to maximize your company's voice through rich interaction with your customers.
Provided by: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Topic: Big Data Date Added: Jul 2012 Format: PDF

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