Getting started with Python: A list of free resources

According to Q&A hub Stack Overflow, Python is currently the fastest-growing programming language—and is on track to pull away from the rest of the pack in 2019. If you’ve decided it’s time to master Python, this list will help you zero in on the best books, videos, websites, and courses, all for free.

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If you want to learn a programming language in 2019, you could do a lot worse than Python. The versatile language is not only used in a wide range of roles—ranging from web developers to sysadmins/DevOps—but also in highly paid data science jobs.

Last year, programming Q&A hub Stack Overflow declared Python was the fastest-growing programming language, based on the sharp rise in interest in Python-related questions.

But where to get started if you want to learn Python? Thankfully, there’s a wealth of free resources out there, including books, sites, videos, and even courses.


  • Think Python: This book uses everyday English to break the fundamentals of the language into easy-to-digest chunks.
  • A Byte of Python: This clear guide makes learning the basics of Python a breeze.
  • Dive into Python: This continually updated book is a great choice for those familiar with programming who want to learn Python.
  • Invent with Python: This one walks you through building various apps with Python, assuming no knowledge. While the layout could be better, the content seems good.
  • Python Practice Book: Here’s another concise guide walkthrough of the fundamentals of Python with plenty of code examples.
  • How to think like a computer scientist: Learning with Python: Once you’re familiar with the basics, this book will walk you through the more advanced concepts and the language’s theoretical underpinnings.

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