Global CISO Report

What is a CISO, and what do they do? As the leader of cyber defense for an organization, the Chief Information Security Officer is rapidly becoming indispensable for an organization’s survival. Hacks and malware infections were once uncommon occurrences that were isolated to just office automation IT processes.

But now, the drizzle and drops of sophisticated hacking attacks have grown to a hammering torrent of constant zero-day exploits and global malware pandemics. Combine this with our utter dependence on powerful but still embryonic and fragile technology like the IoT, cloud computing, and mobile-everything have transformed the Internet age into a period of cruel miracles for security professionals. New compliance regimes, like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are challenging the status quo of many new IT processes, especially considering how much regulated data is entrenched in normal business processes. How CISOs make decisions and what influence they have is more important than ever.

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