Go beyond SaaS to Backup-as-a-Service

With threats to valuable company data increasing by the day, the complex modern workplace needs more than a SaaS model for backup and data recovery. It requires the scalability, flexibility, and specialized security of a simple Backup-as-a-Service solution for hybrid cloud backup.

Download the new e-book from Commvault, Best practices for cloud-based backup, to learn how Backup-as-a-Service provides hybrid environments with the financial, operational, and security advantages of SaaS protection—specifically for backup. You’ll discover an easy-to-manage and user-friendly strategy designed for the needs of secure and efficient data protection. You’ll see how to:

  • Keep backup simple with a single solution that’s self-updating
  • Eliminate the need for on-premises backup infrastructure and management
  • Achieve easier operations through fast, comprehensive, automated data backup
  • Streamline management across your hybrid environment of servers, cloud, and devices

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