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Provided by: NetApp
Topic: Innovation
Format: Podcast
The “Go Your Way” is hosted by Phoebe Goh and Greg Knieriemen to discuss the top trends and stories in technology with a wide variety of guests representing many different technologies.

Each episode runs in an easily consumable format of 15 to 20 minutes with the focus on how companies are adopting innovative technologies to drive tangible business outcomes with a fundamental understanding that there is often more than one technology approach to each of their challenges. The podcast also aims to have candid conversations to break down common misconceptions about how different technologies can enable successful digital transformations and the impact on people, process and innovation.

One of the recurring themes of the podcast is the enablement of cloud technologies – particularly hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The discussions often focus on the roadblocks and opportunities for cloud environments whether it’s developer and operations challenges, consistent user experiences, internal cultural barriers or even enabling employee skillsets.

The podcast also explores the changing landscape of enterprise and cloud technologies and the implications for business adoption such as the recent $10 billion U.S. Department of Defense contract awarded to Microsoft Azure. As the landscape of services and competencies evolve, the podcast digs into the impact it has on the use of these technologies.

The guests on the podcast range from users of the technology to large public cloud providers and vendors developing and driving innovations that are enabling those technology to expose new opportunities to drive real business value.

Join us to learn more about the emerging differentiation between the big cloud players and how it's impacting decisions today!
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