Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: A side-by-side analysis


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  • Published September 29, 2021
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Back in the day, it was all about Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Word Perfect, Star Office, and a host of other possibilities. Each of those titles did their best to offer something unique, all while attempting to ensure compatibility with the de-facto standard MS Office.

Then a cloud drifted over the landscape to change everything. That cloud brought into the picture Google Apps. This new contender changed the game. No longer were users tied to the standard local client model and could make use of a remote application suite with a powerhouse of a company behind it. Google Apps eventually evolved into a full-blown office suite including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, email, calendar, and more. That suite is now called Google Workspace and, as of April 2020, Google Workspaces has over 6 million paying customers and 120 million education users.

Of course, Microsoft wasn’t keen to sit idly by and watch Google dominate the cloud space. To that end, they migrated MS Office to the cloud and offered Office 365. Microsoft officially changed the name of Office 365 to Microsoft 365 in 2020. As of June 2021, over a million companies worldwide use Office 365.

So now, companies and users have a choice: Google or Microsoft.

But how do these two compare to one another?

TechRepublilc Premium's side-by-side analysis compares Google Workspace's and Microsoft 365's tools, plans, features, and more in an easy-to-understand checklist.

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