Google Cloud Platform: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

This detailed ebook looks at the evolution of Google Cloud Platform, the various products and services it offers, its competitive position in the cloud market, and several factors to consider when evaluating it as a solution for your business.

From the ebook:

From its humble beginnings with Google App Engine back in 2008, Google has grown its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into one of the premier cloud computing platforms on the market today. While it is still following its top competitors, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Google is holding its own in the cloud wars and continues to make investments in GCP that make the product more attractive to big customers.

To help CXOs, IT leaders, operations administrators, and developers better understand Google’s role as a cloud provider, we’ve put together the most important details and resources in this ebook.

Executive summary (TL;DR)

  • What is Google Cloud Platform? Google Cloud Platform, as the name implies, is a cloud computing platform that provides infrastructure tools and services for users to build on top of.
  • Why does Google Cloud Platform matter? Google Cloud Platform is regarded as the third biggest cloud provider in terms of revenue, behind AWS in first place and Microsoft Azure in second.
  • Who does Google Cloud Platform affect? Any organization in need of cloud computing should consider Google Cloud Platform—especially SMBs, which the platform was initially geared toward.
  • When was Google Cloud Platform announced? Google announced its first cloud tool, Google App Engine, back in 2008. It continued to add more tools and services until it eventually became known as the Google Cloud Platform.
  • How can I use Google Cloud Platform? Google has provided documentation for getting started and a frequently asked questions page for developers and IT leaders to investigate the platform.

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