A Guide to Securing Cloud Platforms

Evaluating cloud providers and looking for a trusted technology partner? Focus on these five vital aspects of cloud security.

  • Ideally, a cloud provider should be able to integrate your company’s
    identity management system into their platform—and in any case
    provide a trustworthy identity management solution for you to use
    as needed.
  • As part of establishing trust, verify that a cloud platform offers
    well-integrated firewalls, security groups, and options for microsegmentation
    based on workload and trusted compute hosts.
  • Expect cloud providers to offer BYOK solutions that allow your
    organization to exclusively manage keys across all data storage
    and services.
  • The best security practice for containers is to scan them for
    vulnerabilities both before deployment and while they are running.
  • Cloud platform security must effectively control access, operate
    at the level of workloads, track activity in detail and integrate into
    on-premises systems.
  • Download this whitepaper from IBM to learn more tips on securing cloud platforms.

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