Hacktivism: Threats and reality for IT managers

In 2011, the Anonymous and LulzSec collectives made front-page news. Similarly, data breaches from lost laptops and malware seemed to pop up on a weekly basis. But using DDoS attacks and other hacks as a form of protest - or 'hacktivism' - isn't a new phenomenon, and neither is lost data. Have the attacks and leaks in 2011 implied a shift in focus among cybercriminals and a move away from organised crime looking for financial gains? Have we seen the start of the first global digital riot? This ZDNet guide to hacktivism looks at the developments in attacks and its effect on businesses. As high-profile breaches involving consumer data become the norm, this guide looks at where hacking is heading and what individuals can do to protect against possible attacks, from securing data to creating more secure email passwords.

Provided by: ZDNet Topic: Security Date Added: Dec 2011 Format: PDF

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