Hadoop Operations - Sampler (chapters 1 & 10)

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Topic: Cloud
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As Hadoop matures and creeps into the traditional Fortune 500 corporate market, material must be adapted and specialized for operations staff. Typically, these large organizations separate development and operations in a way that compartmentalizes knowledge. In other words, those who have become familiar with Hadoop by writing MapReduce jobs are not the same people maintaining these large complex clusters. While the concept of hybrid roles like "devops" are becoming popular in some sectors, it hasn't yet fully penetrated traditional IT. We've seen this with long lived systems like Oracle, for instance; those that build applications atop the relational database are not the same as those that maintain it. Further, they may not be the same individuals who purchase the hardware or plan the data centers for these systems. Hadoop has reached the stage where focused content for administrators is required.

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