Handoff Management Scheme Using PHMIPv6 in Mobile ADHOC Networks

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications Topic: Mobility Date Added: Dec 2011 Format: PDF
Fast handoff management in mobile IPv6 environment has been a research subject for a long time. The Key concept behind cooperative diversity based protocol is Partner-based Hierarchical MIPv6 (PHMIPv6) promises an acceleration of the handoff management operation by relaying some signaling over a selected partner node prior to the actual handoff to the new access point. PHMIPv6 proposes to select the node with the highest signal strength as the partner node. By using CSA- PHMIPv6 mobile hosts select partners with whom communication can last for a sufficiently long time by employing the Link Expiration Time (LET) parameter. In this paper to shorten the communication time between the mobile hosts and their corresponding partners, a new approach Partner Less Dependable(PLD-PHMIPv6) is proposed.

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