Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers

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Companies can no longer afford to keep workforce management and CRM in separate silos. HR executives and CRM strategists are rarely bedfellows. Yet getting the most out of customer contacts so patiently requires competent personnel management that the disconnect is hard to justify. Tools for workforce management, call center management, and incentive management can help bridge that gulf, both by design and out of necessity. In basic terms those disciplines address the problems of making sure the right people are on hand to handle customer contacts, ensuring that the contacts are being handled properly, and setting targets and rewarding behavior that best reflect the goals of the company. There are three things a call center manager needs to focus on to get great service: the right information, the right contact, and the right person and that's the piece people most often overlook. If the right candidate is placed on the right job he will perform well and put his best effort to provide services to the customers. This makes customer happy too.

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