HBR:  IT talent strategy: New tactics for a new era

Talent—attracting it, retaining it, nurturing it—has been a perennial pain point for chief information officers (CIO). But the year 2020 brings completely new challenges. It represents an inflection point for how organizations manage their operations and the talent that fuels their success. Yet in a recent Deloitte report, 51% of CIOs who were surveyed cite a significant mismatch between current competencies and future needs.

Within the next few years, most organizations expect to be able to operate with more streamlined, often automated processes; with greater knowledge gained through artificial intelligence (AI); and with a customer-centric, anywhere-anytime way of doing business. Not that any organization will be “done” when they have made these changes. Forward-leaning CIOs know that one of the defining characteristics of the digital age is that nothing’s ever really done.

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