Hillenbrand Industries, Inc. - Corporate Governance Standards For Board Of Directors

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Provided by: Hillenbrand Industries
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The corporate governance standards established by the Board of Directors provide a structure within which directors and management can effectively pursue the Company's objectives for the benefit of its shareholders and other constituencies. The Board will consider all major decisions of the Company. However, the Board has established the following standing Committees so that certain important areas can be addressed in more depth than may be possible in a full Board meeting: Audit Committee, Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee, Compensation and Management Development Committee and Finance Committee. In many cases, significant items requiring Board or Committee approval may be reviewed in one or more meetings, with the intervening time being used for clarification and discussion of relevant issues. Outside directors shall be encouraged to provide input into the development of Board and Committee meeting agenda. The Board is responsible for the enactment and approval of changes in the Company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics ("Policy Statement"). The Board's Audit Committee has responsibility for the oversight of the implementation and administration of the Policy Statement, the review and assessment at least annually of the effectiveness of the Policy Statement and the recommendation to the Board of suggested changes in the Policy Statement.
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