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Hiring kit: Android developer


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  • Published July 23, 2018
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Companies are increasingly dependent on mobile platforms to power their business operations and to enable a productive workforce—and that means hiring topnotch developers to build the apps they need. This hiring kit focuses on the position of Android developer. It includes a job description, sample interview questions, and a basic want ad you can use to zero in on the best candidates for the job.

From the job description:

The Android developer will be responsible for creating and maintaining mobile apps that exist on the Android mobile operating system. They will have a thorough understanding of the Android SDK and how it works with different devices and screen sizes. They should also have a working knowledge of the company’s infrastructure and industry needs so they can adapt the Android apps to the firm’s requirements.

The developer will be expected to work in a team environment and communicate effectively with management and laterally with other departments within the company. Enthusiasm and knowledge of good user experience is important. The developer may be expected to work with interpreted datasets to improve usability, should have a strong knowledge of all versions of Android, and must keep up with new iterations.

Duties and responsibilities
The Android developer will:
  • Create and maintain Android mobile apps for the company.
  • Develop and maintain codebases for the apps.
  • Have a familiarity with APIs and how to connect Android with back-end services.
  • Understand how to use natural user interfaces within Android.
  • Be expected to conceive and manage projects and deliver them under strict deadlines.
  • Have a working knowledge of the devices that host Android apps and how apps work on those devices.

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