Hiring kit: Microsoft Power BI developer


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  • Published November 7, 2016
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The ability to turn raw data into actionable information is a valuable but specialized skill. This Power BI Developer Hiring Kit includes a job description, interview questions, and a sample want ad to help you find the best candidates for the job.

From the job description:

Power BI is Microsoft's version of a business intelligence presentation suite. Experts can use the tools provided by Power BI and the application's ability to draw data from a multitude of sources to create dashboards, charts, and other reports and then distribute them to decision makers throughout an organization, regardless of level.

Job description
A Microsoft Power BI developer will have a thorough working knowledge and understanding of every aspect of the organization's business operations. The successful candidate will create dashboards and reports that transform raw data generated by various sources into actionable information that decision makers need to successfully perform their daily duties.

The successful candidate for Power BI developer will have demonstrable social skills that enable them to collaborate with business executives, managers, stakeholders, and subject matter experts, regardless of their level of expertise or technical skills. They must be able to play multiple roles, including architect, report developer, metadata modeler, SQL programmer, and end-user trainer and mentor.

Power BI developers will also have demonstrable skills and creativity in the design and development of dashboards and custom reports in support of business intelligence communications. They will gather requirements, perform analysis, and translate business reporting requirements to technical specifications. They will also design, build, and deploy business intelligence reports and dashboards using visualization tools supplied by Power BI and other applications available in an Office 365 environment.

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