Honeypot-A Tool to Trap Website Hackers

Honeypot is a closely monitored decoy that is employed in a network to study the trail of hackers and to alert network administrators of a possible intrusion. Honeynet is a method for detection/protection/defense. Honeynet is an additional layer of security. Using Honeypot provides a cost-effective solution to increase the security posture of an organization. Even though it is not a panacea for security breaches, it is useful as a tool for network forensics and intrusion detection. Data Capture and Data Control are the properties of honeynet. Nowadays, they are also being extensively used by the research community to study issues in network security, such as Internet worms, spam control, DoS attacks, etc.

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Applications Topic: Security Date Added: Feb 2013 Format: PDF

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