Horizon with NSX for Federal Agencies

Managing applications, servers, users, and expenditures has become more challenging for federal agencies. At the same time, security threats and actual attacks have increased in frequency and ferocity.

The challenge for IT managers is to provide access to applications and desktop computing in a world where a single mistake, by a single user, can open a pathway for attack against the entire organization or agency. Users demand more flexible access, the ability to work from almost any location, and at almost any time. You need to deliver that capability, while also remaining in-budget and safeguarding sensitive data. It seems like an insurmountable problem, but we can help.

CBS Interactive proudly presents “Horizon with NSX for Federal Agencies,” a helpful and informative tech brief that will help you learn how the insurmountable is doable, practical, and scalable.

  • Learn about IT challenges facing federal agencies, including compliance with cloud-first policies, doing even more in the face of new budget constraints, supporting and migrating legacy and outmoded infrastructure, and managing ever more-challenging IT security needs.
  • Explore two key technologies that change the equation: network virtualization and user desktop virtualization.
  • Discover how VMware Horizon with NSX provides value to agencies, increases security both inside the network and against outside threats, helps support automation to reduce overall workload, and increases the agility of your agency in responding to new demands.

    In this powerful tech brief, we’ll show you how you can transform your computing environment into one that’s agile, responsive, cost-effective, secure, and pleasant to use for both IT professionals and users.

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