How Agile Insurers are Improving the Bottom Line

Without customer-focused initiatives to improve operations in 2013, some insurers may not have a place in the 2014 market, either on Main Street or on the Internet.

A market moving toward self-service has brought traditional insurers to a juncture where they must determine where to position their technological investments. Will they be focusing on either agent- or Internet-initiated customer interactions, or both? With the right technology, an insurer does not necessarily have to choose between building person-to-person relationships with their customers and efficient, automated transactions.

eSignature technologies provide insurers with a variety of opportunities to deliver tangible, improved value to new and existing customers while cutting excessive costs. This paper details the benefits of streamlining the following interactions:

  • Insurer-to-Customer: Provides a self-service customer experience that originates online, giving the insurer immediate access to a growing market anywhere and anytime.
  • Traditional Agent-to-Customer: Reprioritizes agents’ time from administrative to customer-focused tasks.
  • Claim Resolution: Optimizes claim processing by eliminating paper and “wet” signatures from claim workflows.

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