How's and Why's of Survey Text

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Surveys can provide critical insights into people’s attitudes, opinions and behavior. With the right tools, you can capture those insights. It’s all in knowing how -- and why.

Organizations today rely on survey research to gather much-needed business intelligence. For example, surveys can help you understand customer preferences about a particular product, gauge employee satisfaction or identify market opportunities.

But survey research is much more than simply asking someone a few questions. It’s a multi-step process with a clearly defined protocol for each step. To get reliable results from your survey research, you must be able to plan the survey research project, collect data, access and manage the data easily, as well as report the results. IBM® SPSS® predictive analytics software can help ensure your research project is a success, allowing you to confidently share your results with the decision makers who can act upon them. Effective surveys need to be:
  • Clearly defined - before beginning, you need to state the goals and objectives
  • Easily completed - the respondents must be able to easily understand and answer your questions
  • smoothly processed - before you can begin analysis, the data must be cleaned and validated
  • Thoroughly analyzed - so you can get useful, reliable results
  • Timely - the time between planning and deployment must be short enough to make a difference to your organization

  • This white paper discusses survey research as a seven-step process, detailing how to maximize your efforts every step of the way. At each stage, it also shows how IBM SPSS predictive analytics technology can improve your results and make the entire survey research process easier and more effective. While the examples provided are commercially oriented, they also apply to the public sector.
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