How to Embrace Value-Based Healthcare with IT

With government regulations, insurance giants, and private healthcare providers trending toward value-based models, medical organizations face significant challenges — in terms of culture, processes, and technology — in evolving away from for-fee services.

It’s not an easy transition, and that’s because it’s often far more difficult to measure outcome than it is to simply bill based on service performed. Outcome evaluation requires far greater integration among any given patient’s healthcare providers, and a level of communication that hasn’t been present in the American healthcare system.
But that’s all about to change.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “How to embrace value-based healthcare with IT,” an in-depth whitepaper about the areas of healthcare IT that have to change, and the ways technology can smooth the transition, increase efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.

  • Learn about the current pain points in healthcare IT management and the outdated practices that present obstacles to true transformation.
  • Explore the new value-based models for healthcare compensation and how pay-for-performance differs from fee-for-service. We’ll also look at how these new payment models can change the incentives and therefore the outcomes throughout the entire healthcare industry.
  • Discover how the cloud can be used as a catalyst for healthcare transformation, providing increased security, greater collaboration, and time savings for both patients and providers.

Be sure to read “How to embrace value-based healthcare with IT,” a comprehensive guide to the issues and challenges facing healthcare and the IT solutions that can help providers embrace change. This guide can help you understand the technologies that are transforming healthcare environments, mobilizing workforces, improving security, reducing costs, and even saving lives.

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