How to get the very best out of your people in the modern workplace (German)

Productivity remains one of the top issues facing businesses today.

There is actually a real disconnect between business leaders and staff when it comes to the provision of productivity tools. The reality of today’s workplace Many employees are stationed in busy office environments that don’t facilitate their most productive work.

They are unable to make their own decisions about how best to achieve their goals. And they aren’t equipped with the tools they need to work effectively when out of the office.

The obvious answer is that the different modes of working, particularly for knowledge work, have not been appreciated.

Employers have created open-plan work spaces that encourage only connective behaviors, leaving employees craving the freedom from distraction and the peace and quiet that will allow them to do their creative work.

Employees seeking to carry out their creative work outside the noisy confines of the office have been largely thwarted by both organisational culture and technology.

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