How to keep your staff motivated and engaged (free PDF)

A bored, dispirited workforce is unlikely to make the contributions your organization needs to stay competitive and successful—and those employees are likely to seek greener pastures before long, leaving you with the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training their replacements. On the flip side, an enthusiastic staff is more productive and committed to driving innovation and meeting business goals. This ebook offers advice on how managers and leaders can help workers reach their full potential as motivated and engaged employees.

From the ebook:

To get things done these days, working in teams is almost imperative. But how can you, as a leader, motivate a team to accomplish your objectives? How can you avoid common mistakes that can kill performance and morale? This article discusses ways of doing so.

Believe in your team’s objectives
Do you believe in what you want the team to accomplish? Do you think your goals are realistic? If not, rethink your position, because your team will sense your uncertainty. You may say the right words, but your body language and overall demeanor will give you away. On the other hand, if you truly are dedicated and believe in your goals, your team will sense it and will react accordingly.

Model the behavior you want from the team
Don’t be a hypocrite—lead by example. You want your team to interact courteously and professionally with others, but do you do so yourself? If you ask them to put in extra hours, are you there along with them?

Be clear about your goals
It’s hard for your team to accomplish its goals if those goals are unclear or unknown to them. More important, it’s hard to get them even to agree with those goals if they don’t know what they are. Make sure your team knows what you are expecting of them. If you can quantify your goals and measure how well you did compared to what you expected, so much the better.

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