How to Make an Employee Newsletter Your CEO's Best Friend

?Does your CEO take your employee newsletter seriously? Do you, as editor of the employee newsletter, get the support and funding you need from upper management?? Fortunately, front-line employees usually relish the benefits of a company newsletter more than upper-level managers. Ask any employee whose accomplishments have been highlighted in a newsletter. That person would likely say that being recognized and applauded in an employee newsletter, in front of the entire company, can mean even more than receiving a financial incentive for a job well done. Some CEOs do realize the morale-boosting aspects of an employee newsletter and its resulting positive effect on the bottom line. And many know that using a newsletter to keep workers informed of what's going on within the company, in all its divisions and locations, is a worthwhile investment in the education of employees. Article states that by following the foolproof plan the CEO will beg for the next issue. Read the article to know how to make it happen.

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