How to Manage Teams Sprawl

The Business Approach

Exploring the emerging issue of ‘Teams Sprawl’ and ways to tackle it

As more and more organizations continue to adopt Office 365, the adoption and popularity of Microsoft Teams is soaring.

A collaborative cloud-based tool that seamlessly enables
online meetings, the ability to chat with co-workers, make calls and upload
files for sharing, once Teams is introduced it quickly tends to become a
highly valuable tool, especially for remote workers and those working on
projects together.

What is Teams Sprawl?

‘Teams Sprawl’ is what happens when people are allowed to create Teams
on demand, with no oversight or planning—you end up with loads of
seldom-used or dead Teams, empty channels, and data scattered all over
chats, channels, and Files tabs.

Read this e-book to see how the Quadrotech toolkit can help you sort through
the sprawl minutia.

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