How to Protect Your Business from the Coming Malware Storm

Provided by: Webroot Software
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
A new generation of organized, well-funded and financially-motivated online criminals are now launching attacks using social networks, exploiting consumer and mobile devices and vulnerabilities in Web applications, and deploying blended threats to attack financial targets and individual businesses. These new attacks use human intelligence coupled with unique or customized code across multiple vectors to evade or overwhelm firewalls, filters and endpoint defenses.

To keep from being overwhelmed by the malware storm, small and midsize businesses must move defenses outside their own walls, to stop malicious code before it reaches their gateways, servers and data stores. This Webroot paper describes the evolution and future of the online threat environment, and outlines the security, economy, performance, and control available to smaller businesses who act now to adopt Security as a Service.

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