How to put IBM Watson to Work for Powerful Information Access and Insights

Many people know about IBM’s Watson because it won the Jeopardy! TV game show back in 2011. If that were all, Watson would be impressive enough. After all, it bested two all-time Jeopardy! championship players. Doing so required the ability to understand very tricky questions in natural language. It also required the ability to respond with winning answers that reflected a deep understanding of many different subjects and their contexts, along with the ability to decode sometimes-misleading questions.

But Watson has come a long way since 2011, and its abilities have been tuned for much more than winning a challenging game show. Watson now works with doctors to help treat cancer, with manufacturing organizations to estimate delivery schedules, and even with regular people who just want to know how to combine ingredients in new ways to create healthy meals.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “How to put IBM Watson to work for powerful information access and insights,” a guide to how IBM Watson, and its Watson Explorer application can help organizations big and small.

  • Learn about the explosion in data growth, how the cost of managing data has increased tremendously, the problems of data silos, and the impact of data waste on organizational productivity.
  • Discover the benefits of data utilization and how a hyper-converged information architecture can help “shrink the haystack” when looking for data.
  • Explore IBM Watson, Watson Explorer, how Watson compares to and extends traditional big data analytics, examples of Watson at work, and how the Watson unified view can open new vistas for information utilization in your organization.

    • Welcome to “How to put IBM Watson to work for powerful information access and insights,” where we’ll show you how Watson and its Watson Explorer application can get down to business and help your organization be more effective, more productive, and make better-informed decisions.

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