HP Moonshot: a new style of IT for specialised scale-out workloads

With billions of devices that track, gather, and process information, the need for innovative
solutions at unprecedented scale, speed, and efficiencies has never been greater. Make
no mistake—general-purpose x86 servers will continue to run enterprise applications
that support traditional business demands. What HP Moonshot represents is the world’s
first software-defined server to run targeted, Internet-scale applications—the types that
conventional systems are over-qualified to handle. Simply put, HP Moonshot represents a new
style of IT.

HP Moonshot’s low-power Web servers are based on leading-edge processors that consume
less power, occupy less space, and cost less than typical x86 processors. They share
management, power, cooling, networking, and storage, enabling you to deliver more services
with less space, energy, cost, and complexity.

The HP Moonshot 1500 System uses a 4.3U chassis and hosts up to 45 independent
hot-plug HP ProLiant servers, all attached to multiple fabrics. Similar to a blade chassis, the
HP Moonshot 1500 System Chassis provides shared power, cooling, and management resources
for server cartridges. Unlike a blade chassis, it does not have a single, fixed, and shared
interconnect backplane. The HP Moonshot 1500 System Chassis contains four independent
fabrics—two Ethernet switch fabrics, a storage fabric, a management fabric and a cluster
fabric. Each ProLiant server cartridge has access to all four fabrics.

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