Hybrid Ant Colony Algorithm Clonal Selection in the Application of the Cloud's Resource Scheduling

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Provided by: Dalian Jiaotong University
Topic: Cloud
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In this paper, thinking over characteristics of ant colony optimization algorithm, taking into account the characteristics of cloud computing, combined with Clonal Selection Algorithm (CSA) global optimum advantage of the convergence of the Clonal Selection Algorithm (CSA) into every ACO iteration, speeding up the convergence rate, and the introduction of reverse mutation strategy, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm avoids local optimum. Depth study of the cloud environment ant colony clonal selection algorithm resource scheduling policy, clonal selection algorithm converges to solve optimization problems when sufficient condition for global optimal solution based on clonal selection algorithm for various applications such as BCA and CLONALG algorithm, using this sufficient condition to meet and simulation platform CloudSim achieve a simulation by extending the cloud.
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