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Topic: Mobility
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An exploration into making the world work better (espace between better and IBM) IBM THINK is a phenomenon; a creative exploration of how progress happens. Originally presented as a total immersion exhibit for kids, innovators and other forward thinking people, THINK has transformed itself into an "exhibit app" about the deeply human quest to make the world safer, more livable, more efficient and more sustainable. THINK includes a stunning, ten-minute HD video that decodes the patterns of human progress and shows how technology can improve the world around us. This is accompanied by five complementary interactive modules entitled Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing and Acting.

Experience the THINK phenomenon for yourself on your iPad or Android tablet. Learn how our enduring collective drive for progress has given us the capacity to see the world with greater clarity - to map what we see - to better understand the dynamics of phenomena. All of which builds shared belief - in a better future, and in the way each of us can act to make it so. THINK then invites, even challenges you to become a part of this living vision of the future.

How would you make the world work better? Share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas by joining the discussion on how to make the world work better. Use the hash tags #IBM, #STEM (Ex. Comm told us to use this hash tag) and #THINK when you post your ideas across your social networks. Experience THINK now.

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