IDC: Fit-For-Purpose IT Infrastructure for Digitally Determined Organizations

Maintaining a modern server environment is becoming a critical success factor for enterprises in most industries. End-user expectations have risen to a point where IT is expected to be ubiquitous in the same way electricity is. Unexpected outages and downtime can have a direct impact on revenue and customer satisfaction; hence the need for a modern server environment.

Until recently, IT decision makers did not have much of a choice when it came to the selection of fit-for-purpose infrastructure that would scale for performance-intensive and virtualized workloads while also lowering the total cost of environments. With AMD EPYC servers, and specifically AMD EPYC-based servers from Dell Technologies, they have that option.

IDC encourages organizations to take a second look at this option: It enables IT staff to optimize the performance and security of their infrastructure while increasing their return on investment.

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