IDC Names FireEye a Leader in Asia Pacific

Using the IDC MarketScape model, IDC studied 17 organizations in 2017–2018 that offer threat lifecycle services in Asia/Pacific; of the participating companies, most already deliver services worldwide.

Through in-depth interviews with the threat lifecycle security services providers and their customers, IDC named FireEye a leader in Asia Pacific Threat Lifecycle Services. Highlights from the report include:

  • According to customer feedback, FireEye provides threat intelligence competitors don’t offer.
  • The FireEye global network of intelligence specialists collect and analyze adversarial intelligence and machine intelligence based on FireEye detection technology deployed in client environments.
  • FireEye technology and analyst provides more complete visibility into attackers and threat evidence across the organization.,
  • Mandiant services customers describe the incident responders as seasoned and knowledgeable industry professionals providing tremendous value to engagements.
  • Customers regard FireEye recommendations as practical and prioritized rather than theoretical best practices.
  • FireEye threat lifecycle services are part of the FireEye ecosystem, which combines technology and expertise to offer customers the most effective security posture.
    • Download an excerpt from the report for a complete overview of key requirements for threat lifecycle services and a detailed overview of FireEye Capabilities.

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