Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of the Lightweight Block Ciphers TEA, XTEA and HIGHT

TEA, XTEA and HIGHT are lightweight block ciphers with 64-bit block sizes and 128-bit keys. The round functions of the three ciphers are based on the simple operations XOR, modular addition and shift/rotation. TEA and XTEA are Feistel ciphers with 64 rounds designed by Needham and Wheeler, where XTEA is a successor of TEA, which was proposed by the same authors as an enhanced version of TEA. Whilst HIGHT, which is designed by Hong et al., is a generalized Feistel cipher with 32 rounds and eight 8-bit words in each round. On the one hand, all these ciphers are simple and easy to implement; on the other hand, the diffusion is slow, which allow one to find some impossible properties.

Provided by: Shandong University Topic: Security Date Added: Dec 2011 Format: PDF

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