Improvement in Medium Access Control Protocol Based on New Contention Scheme for Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Science Issues
Topic: Software
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In todays wireless networks, stations using the IEEE 802.11 standard contend for the channel using the Distributed Coordination Function (DCF). Research has shown that DCF's performance degrades especially with the large number of stations. This becomes more concerning due to the increasing proliferation of wireless devices. In this paper, the authors present a Medium Access Control (MAC) scheme for wireless LANs and compare its performance to DCF. Their scheme, which attempts to resolve the contention in a constant number of slots (or constant time), is called CONSTI. The contention resolution happens over a predefined number of slots. In a slot, the stations probabilistically send a jam signal on the channel. The stations listening retire if they hear a jam signal.

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