Improving QoS Performance of Multi-Radio Multi-Channel WMNs by Adopting a Novel Channel Assignment Scheme

The CSMA/CA based random channel access mechanisms in Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs), IEEE 802.11 DCF and EDCA, are inefficient to eliminate effectively hidden terminal and exposed terminal problems in multi-hop scenarios. In this paper, the authors propose efficient channel assignment and routing protocols for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel (MRMC) wireless mesh networks. These set of protocols are based on Latin squares and have MRMC communication capabilities i.e., the multiple access scheduling in multi-radio multi-channel mesh networking. A novel efficient channel assignment and routing scheme is also developed taking into account the interference constraints, the number of channels in the network and the number of radios available at each mesh router for multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks.

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International Journal of Computer Science and Network