In the Blink of an Eye: There Goes Your AES Key

Provided by: University of California, Santa Cruz
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
This paper is a short summary of a real world AES key extraction performed on a military grade FPGA marketed as 'Virtually unbreakable' and 'Highly secure'. The authors demonstrated that it is possible to extract the AES key from the Actel/Microsemi ProASIC3 chip in a time of 0.01 seconds using a new side-channel analysis technique called Pipeline Emission Analysis (PEA). This new technique does not introduce a new form of Side-Channel Attacks (SCA), it introduces a substantially improved method of waveform analysis over conventional attack technology. It could be used to improve upon the speed at which all SCA can be performed, on any device and especially against devices previously thought to be unfeasible to break because of the time and equipment cost.

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