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Industry cloud research report 2016: Adoption Plans, Decision Factors, Strategic Results


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  • Published July 28, 2016
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Most enterprise cloud use is for generic purposes like storing excess data and moving application development and testing activities to cloud-based processing. But cloud services that address the particular workflow needs of an industry sector, such as an accounts payable and receivables function for the oil and gas industry or a supply chain management and logistics system for the food and beverage industry, occupy a growing niche.Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to see how widespread industry cloud use is, and what’s important to business users of industry cloud services. In the survey, which was conducted online in June 2016, 36% of respondents said they’re currently using industry cloud services. Another 38% had plans to adopt these services. When considering an industry cloud provider, respondents said security and data protection was the most important factor. After implementing an industry cloud server, respondents said the biggest advantages were easier management and administration workloads, more agile business process, and cost savings. Respondents said the downsides of industry cloud server adoption were difficulty integrating cloud services with existing business processes, challenges with migration and adoption, and the expense associated with services.

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