Infographic: Forbes Insights/Hitachi: How to Win At Digital Transformation

This infographic acts as a graphic synopsis and teaser for “5 Steps toward Digital Transformation,” the forthcoming whitepaper on digital transformation from Forbes Insights and HDS. The infographic begins by establishing why the next two years will be crucial for companies in terms of digital transformation: Half of executives surveyed expect their organizations to undergo vast digital transformation in that time. Next, it highlights the report’s major findings about DX being a strategic and investment priority and the challenges that companies are facing, such as the need to improve the maturity at data and analytics and customer experience (only 13% of respondents consider themselves leaders in customer experience based on their digital transformation). Finally, the infographic ends by detailing the direction digital transformation will take over the next two years, with a specific focus on technology and innovation: A majority of survey respondents say their digital transformation will focus on products and services over the next two years, indicating that innovation is a key priority.

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