Information Governance from the Ground Up: Launching Your Information Governance Initiative

Provided by: SAP
Topic: Project Management
Format: PDF
The idea that data deserves deliberate investment, resources, headcount, and technology - just like a company's other corporate assets - sounds like common sense to us now. However, this doesn't mean companies know how to pull it off. Ask any CIO whether his or her company is managing data as an asset and you'll get an immediate head nod in the affirmative. "Of course data is a corporate asset," the CIO insists. "It's an enabler to everything we do here." Which doesn't really answer the question of whether the company is in fact managing it.

Turning a core message into reality requires communicating the concept in a way that makes it both concrete and actionable. So when you ask your CIO the follow-up question "So are you investing in data in proportion to the investments in your other assets?" you'll find there's no head nodding. In fact, the CIO might not say much at all, because the organization is behaving as if data is a by-product of the systems that use it and nothing more.

In this white paper, we discuss how the data conversation is changing from philosophical questioning to hard-core tactics, from "What do we need?" to "Where do we start?" We'll describe the components of information governance that inform the right strategy, and - more important - give companies a means of determining where and how to begin their information governance journeys.

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