Inside Diskeeper 12 with IntelliWrite

All systems suffer from file fragmentation. That fragmentation manifests as slowed anti-malware scans and backup times, lost productivity, greater hardware costs, increased Help Desk traffic, reduced application reliability, and many more burdensome and costly consequences.

Defragmenters can fix this critical issue, some more rapidly and thoroughly than others, but a reactive solution comes only after I/O resources have already been wasted creating fragmented files. That's performance loss that can never be regained. Diskeeper includes major proprietary performance innovations - such as IntelliWrite, that actually prevents up to 85% of fragmentation; and exclusive Instant Defrag, that immediately cleans up any fragments that do occur. Engineered with a focus on system and software efficiency, Diskeeper ensures the greatest return for least effort, minimizing effort while maximizing resource, time and energy savings.

With Diskeeper, systems achieve a new level of speed and efficiency with storage systems that run at peak, every second of every day.
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