Installation of Stucco Exterior Finish Over Wood Structural Panel Wall Sheathing

Provided by: APA - The Engineered Wood Association
Topic: Software
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Stucco exterior wall finish is popular as a low maintenance, fire-resistive finish for exterior walls of residential and commercial buildings in many parts of the world. This paper describes why and how to apply APA Rated Sheathing as a substrate for stucco to assure a superior, long-lasting finish. Wood structural panel wall sheathing is especially beneficial in high-wind regions such as the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast, and in earthquake-prone regions. Walls covered with wood structural panel sheathing create a strong, rigid, rack-resistant structure that minimizes building deformation under seismic or wind loading conditions. The increased rigidity of sheathing greatly decreases cracking of brittle exterior finishes such as stucco.

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